About us

The family company FLORIVA has been producing berry seedlings for three generations in Ivanjica, which is the largest region for raspberry production in the world. Traditionally, for more than 70 years, about 90% of the population of our municipality has been producing the best quality raspberry fruits in the world on the slopes of Mount Golija, which is an official Biosphere Reserve and Nature Park.

Our experience and cooperation with renowned manufacturers and experts from all over the world have been important for us and still are to start production, but also to maintain continuity at the highest level.

We produce seedlings from our own mother plants of top quality, which are under the constant professional supervision of authorized institutions that guarantee variety and high quality. If required by customers, we also import the highest quality seedlings from renowned producers of raspberry seedlings and our partners from all over the world.

The main goals of FLORIVA BEL are:

  1. Production of certified, virus-free, ELITE, container seedlings of the world’s best raspberry varieties
  2. Transfer of raspberry production technology:
  • in an open field, in a covered and in a closed area
  • in the soil and in the coconut substrate
  • for manual and machine harvesting
  • for the industry and for the fresh program

We pay special attention to the education of producers, starting with the selection of location and plot, raspberry variety, soil preparation, soil analysis, planting and further care of raspberries, as well as all necessary measures during production so that producers have excellent yields and good quality, and thus are satisfied with our seedlings.

Our team

Zoran Radovanovic


Jelena Bоskovic

Sales Manager

Zeljko Stankovic

Production manager

Aleksandra Radojevic

Finance manager

Milos Perisic


Irena Ristivojevic

Marketing manager

Nikola Miloradovic

Operations manager

Nikola Radovanovic


We also create detailed projects for large investors, i.e. for raising professional raspberry plantations with a detailed selection of production technology, equipment for raspberry production, harvesters for mechanical harvesting, equipment for processing raspberry fruit and market selection.

We have extensive international experience in the region, but also throughout Russia and Asia, where we successfully manage large projects with serious investors.

Our vision

We plan continuous progress and development, to bring constant novelties, carry out constant research into new varieties and introduce new technologies both in our experimental fields and with our partners, various institutions and innovative producers who want to engage in raspberry production at the highest level.