Coconut Substrate

The substrate is used for professional production of fruits, vegetables and flowers. It is made from coconut husk fibers that are finely ground, buffered and have optimal pH and EC values, excellent structure that allows maximum humidity and aeration of the substrate, optimal retention and distribution of food in the substrate.

Coconut substrate for fruit

Strawberry base

Substrate in PE hose 100x20x8 and 10 cm, for growing strawberries – 16 and 20 L

Base for raspberries and blackberries

Substrate in a PE tube 100x20x15 cm, for growing raspberries and blackberries – 30 L

Pot for raspberries and blackberries

substrate in a PE bag 23x18x19 cm, for growing raspberries and blackberries – 10 L

Blueberry pot

Substrate in PE bags 29x29x33 cm, for growing blueberries – 27 L

Coconut substrate in blocks

Various formulations for filling pots or bags. One block of dimensions 28x28x14 cm – 5 kg, after wetting (expanding) a volume of 60 L of substrate is obtained.

Coconut substrate for vegetables

Substrate for vegetables

(Tomato, cucumber, pepper…), substrate in PE hose, 100x15x10 and 12 cm – 15 and 18 L

At the customer’s request, we can provide a costumized substrate for each plant species.

The hard-pressed coconut substrate is delivered in PE bags that are UV-stabilized in the case of costumized packages or in blocks for free use. Before planting, it is necessary to moisten the substrate with an irrigation system so that it expands well to grow to the desired volume.

Plant raising technology, nutritional recipes and raspberry growing technology in coconut substrate are our specialty and we can meet all the requirements of producers. The coconut substrate is entitled to subsidies from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Serbia for the production of raspberries and blueberries in pots.